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… there is a donation for a food program, serving up to 200 kids, when you sign up. And you get to help with the cooking and serving when you come.

The biggest slums in Africa

My program takes you to the biggest slums in Africa, Kibera. Estimated around 1 million people live there. We also visit Mathare, the second biggest slum in Kenya.

Be the change in someones life

This could be you! And i guarantee you an experience of a lifetime. One of the biggest feelings you can have is when you become the change in someones life.

See what it is like to come to Nairobi's slums

Morten Gottliebsen AKA The Manumit. Picture taken in kibera slums by Aisha.

Give yourself an experience of a lifetime! 

I welcome people across the globe to come and make a difference in peoples lives.

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