Do you have the courage to stand out and be that special human being?

Become clear on your purpose in life - in two weeks

Feel the ease of decision making - take control of your life - and live happier!

The decision you make right now will impact your life forever

Make sure you know why you make them, so you don't lose yourself in the process.

Are you saying this to yourself?

 – No one understands me

– I feel I am different, but how can I feel good about that

– I want to be able to live my life being happy and being me

If one of the above reflects in you, you are at the right spot!

Become the unstoppable you

Learn how to love your uniqueness without feeling lost 

This is your chance to shine

Become the champion of your own life and learn to master uncertainty

Learn the skills of outsiders

Never again will you hide who you are, and wherever you go people will be inspired

Conqure your awesomeness

This will be the change you have been longing for your whole life

I am The Manumit

I will be your guide, your coach and your mentor in this great opportunity for you to become the most awesome person you can be.

  • I have found my awesomeness 
  • I have coached some of the most amazing people on this planet
  • And I know about feeling different

If you still have doubts about me being the one to help you, then book a short call with me, and feel better for making the right decision for your future.


Life is short, stop making excuses and start making decision, this is your life, make it worth your while.

Morten Gottliebsen (aka) The Manumit

Words from former clients

The best two weeks of my life!

Laerke, Denmark

Morten has a deep experience and wide array of approaches which he draws from.

Senior maketing manager, Germany

I enjoyed the tough questioning and that you always try to push for a different way of thinking.

Daniel, Belgium

The best thing about The Manumit, was that I felt I was understood in my choices, commitments and conclusions

Director, Denmark

Working with The Manumit is inspirational, challenging and visionary – and fun.

Senior consultant, UK

I immediately felt his trust and we were able to dig to the root of some of my personal characteristics

Stephen, UK

Identifying yourself in this society can be a challenge

Being clear on your purpose

Is the way to go for a happy and fulfilling life

The result

Thoughts and feelings


  • I am having a hard time getting out of bed
  • I have no clue how to start feeling better
  • All I do fails, its me against the world
  • I only feel happiness for a few moments at a time
  • Even small goals are hard
  • So many people have better lives than me
  • When I talk it seems no one is listening


  • I am waking up before the alarm rings
  • I have a clear vision of how to take your next step
  • My purpose is crystal clear
  • Happiness is flowing through my body
  • I can do anything I want to do
  • I feel what an awesome person I am now
  • I am even influencing other people just by being me

You are fighting yourself, meaning you will always lose the fight

Changing your perspective can change your outcome. Take the fight to a different arena and use your fighting skills to make yourself better. You will learn the methods so you can master your life and be who you want to be!

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