Laerke, DAY#1 volunteering in Nairobi Kenya

Laerke is surrounded by kids. They wanted to touch her hair.

When one is narrating their experiences; there are those who will listen, those who will be entertained, and those who will want to go through it. Laerke wanted to experience volunteering on her own. Make an impact the best way she can. She stresses how she has been impacted and the story begins. 

Laerkes first steps in Mathare Slums. Everywhere you go, there’s litter.

Laerke is the first volunteer on the Manumit. She heard about us through a friend. By describing her experience as passionately indescribable, she lists the reception and the personalized volunteering experiences as the best kickstart. 

Look at that smile! It says it all.

On her first day, she is ceremoniously welcomed to the slums of Mathare by a group of joyous and energetic dancers called Slum Children Education and Art. The African beats were in sync with her heartbeat. The chants uplifted her spirits and the dances reset her aura. It was a mesmerizing experience. It got more engaging when she was asked to join in. The chuckles and the giggles were welcome as she is aware of her caucasian dance syndrome. 

Laerke talking to the 3 great men who run the Slum Children Project. You can only have respect for their effort!

From the entertainment came the Mathare tour for familiarity. Walking around gave her a rainbow of emotions. The smiles and the evident joy that was happily coloring the Mathre slums were breathtaking. Especially, when one saw the looming dark colored nimbus clouds of; the shanties they were compelled to make homes out of, the landmines of garbage that were turned into playgrounds, the polluted river that they were fetching water from; to say that it was saddening will be an understatement. 

I love children and I love contrasts.

Laerke joined the kids to play with them. However, they were more curious about her skin and more interested in playing with her hair than repeating the game they might have played that morning. 

Washing machine you ask, well this is it!

Later, she humbly had lunch at the local kiosk. Upon coming back, she is met by the surprise performance of children there. 

Laerke Eating Ugali and Fish at the local Kiosk.

Emotions are the means of communication best relied upon when words can’t suffice. Laerke cried while thanking the entire team for the best day of her life. They surely felt it!

Highlights of Day #1 in Mathare slums
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