Laerke, DAY#4 volunteering in Nairobi Kenya

The special day four landed on Saturday! The day that most parents and children living near the headquarters look forward to. It is the biblical day when Noah saw the rainbow and understood the promises it came with. The food program day! On this gratifying day, food is cooked for over 100 children. They helped: in the preparation, monitoring the queues, serving, and cleaning the dishes for more children who had not eaten yet. A busy day it was indeed!

When that was done and dusted, they took a tour. This time it was different. It was a tour of the volunteers’ homes. A total of five homes were visited. That was a big experience for both Morten and Laerke! It made a big impression. 

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. To keep the vibrance. To lift the spirits. And to reward the people involved in such an industrious week, they went out to a tavern in Mathare. They all danced, shared drinks, toasted to a job well done during the week, and dispersed to where their hearts are, their homes! Morten and Laerke can now comfortably and excitedly dance to Papa lolo.

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