Peace Is My Piece

More than 10 years have passed since the Kenyan 2007-2008 post-election violence. It was a traumatizing experience. In every two people, there is someone who was affected by the elections or knows someone who was affected. Inhumane ordeals came to the screens. The Hague was involved. 

That is one of the reasons that Art360Kibera, the Foundation of Hope and Kibera Art Institute hosted a peace event right before the general elections. The other reason for hosting that event is the election results will always affect the poor first and worst. The effects of elections in a country riddled with corruption within capitalism hit the poor hardest. The poor are, therefore, the most alert, fearful and distressed.  They live from hand to mouth. Doing casual informal jobs. Living by day. Earning a dollar or less. That is meant to not only feed them but also cloth them, educate them and meet their medical emergencies. 

The middle class would be worried about the jobs or businesses they run for the rich. The rich would have security as the political candidates themselves often comprise the rich. They have reason to worry, but the poor have more at stake. 

The Peace is My Piece event included a gallery display of their magnificent fine and abstract art,  peace messaging murals, a photo shoot of the residents in their traditional attire, traditional dances, and songs, and other performances that the children and the residents had. The traditional attire represented most of the tribes to symbolize unity. They were later joined by other peace campaigners. 

We congratulate Kenyans for maintaining peace not only during the elections but also after the announcement of the results despite it later being contested. Kenya can take pride in being one of the few countries in Africa in their third democratic transition. 

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