About fifty families were left homeless after a fire destroyed their homes in Mathare slums.

Some of those affected are sheltered at the nearby Slum children art center, while others are housed by their relatives.

The fire broke out on the evening of 31st October, and it took hours. The cause of the inferno is said to be poor electrical wiring. The residents pointed to the recent refill of the gas cookers as an alibi. 

It took an extended period for the eight fire trucks to contain the fire. By the time the inferno was reduced to embers, it had left costly destruction in the densely populated slum.

A section of the residents narrated to The Manumit how they were forced to fetch the water filled in the trenches by the fire trucks to contain the rest when the fire brigade left.

The Slum Children Art Centre team that responded to the tragedy said there were no fatalities, with only a few people sustaining minor injuries from the shock. Gratitude has been sent to Baraka Hospital 

for donating blankets, the area MCA for donating mattresses and cooking flour, and the Slum Children Art Centre for receiving and giving donations and food to some affected families.

Fire outbreaks are common in the slums, another outbreak has just been reported. The cause is yet to be known.

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